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Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling PCL5 (CPCAB Accredited)

This course is held over 17 Wednesdays between September 2024 and June 2025.

(9.30 - 4.30 each session )

it is held exclusively online via Zoom ensuring greater accessibility to all.

This qualification is designed to give qualified counsellors the knowledge, skills and competencies to work as self-employed counsellors in independent and private practice. It also equips counsellors to take on a senior role in an organisational context where client assessment, referral and routine evaluation are part of the role.

At Independent Counselling Training (ICT) the course is integrative. We see integration as offering our knowledge, skills and understanding through the therapeutic relationship we have with clients. 

You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge of psychopathology especially in terms of assessment and the impact this may have on your work as a private practitioner.

As you would expect this course includes experiential learning as well as skills and theory.

Course Dates

25th September 2024

9th & 23rd October 2024

6th & 20th November 2024

4th & 11th December 2024

8th & 22nd January 2025

5th & 26th February 2025

12th & 26th March 2025

16th & 30th April 2025

14th May 2025

4th June 2025

Entry Requirements
To be accepted on the course you will need to have as a minimum a level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling which incorporated 100 hours working as a counselling volunteer in a supervised placement.

Qualification Requirements
Personal counselling: a minimum of 40 hours by the end of the course. (This can include hours undertaken prior to the start of the course but at least 10 hours of personal counselling must be undertaken during the training year itself)

Client work: a minimum of 60 hours of formally contracted counselling (one to one) including client assessment. This can be online or in person.

Clinical supervision: either group or one to one supervision in person or online as per the supervision ration requirements of your membership body.

Call Lorna Marchant on
07795106498 to find out more
or email

Course Fee

£1,950 plus £300 (toward CPCAB Registration fee). Following payment of the deposit of £250 to secure your place on the course, the remaining course fee can be paid in monthly instalments. The registration fee for CPCAB is to be paid in full no later than 2nd November 2024. (Total course cost is £2,250)

***Please note that should you choose to leave the course early and you pay by monthly instalments the outstanding course fee must  be paid in full within 28 days.

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