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Autumn Courses 2024

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling



Applications now being accepted for September 2024 intake

Certificate in Therapeutic Supervision



Applications now being accepted for October 2024 intake


















Working with Groups

(3 half day training sessions)

7th, 14th & 28th September 2024

Counselling Young People

(5 day course held over 3 months)


Beginning October 2024

If you are interested in any of our courses please send an email to

Lorna at

Or call

 07795 106498


Lorna Marchant
Training Online Together

What our students are saying

'Lorna was my tutor both times and I love her energy and sense of humour. The group sizes were great and felt more intimate than a large college setting. The psycho education and skills practice were fantastically led and mediated well. 

I have learnt so much from my time with ICT and have always left feeling really confident in my skills and ability post qualification.'

'Lorna is very experienced and the training was experiential and safely contained. We also had fun as well as it being personally challenging in the right way. I felt cared for and valued on the course I'm truly glad I trained at ICT.'

Some of our students working online

As a neurodivergent student, my experience of counselling training, up until I approached ICT, was rough. With struggles to find the right support for my additional needs, I was beginning to wonder if my ambitions to be a counsellor were misplaced. The training itself (SEG Awards, Level 4 counselling diploma) was thoroughly enjoyable. The tutors would often bring up issues we didn't expect, or the discussion would go off at some tangent and they just let it. Anyone who has trained in a more conventional setting might find it disquieting, but I saw it for what it was - we were being trained not just to be able to list the 19 Propositions of Carl Rogers, or give an academic description of Attachment Theory, but to think and explore for ourselves. The training gave me the confidence to realise I didn't need to know everything, but if I needed to know it, I knew how to find out. Even now, all qualified, our group frequently consult one another, refer to one another, ask for recommendations of books etc. As a neurodivergent person who has never felt part of groups, never accepted, it is a revelation. I hugely value my colleagues, many of whom I met via ICT. I now run a successful private practice, specialising in counselling for neurodivergent people (autism & ADHD principally). I feel the training with ICT prepared me extremely well for this challenge and I was able to set up my PP with confidence. I particularly appreciate the way the (integrative) ICT course encouraged all of us to develop our own styles, which has freed me to figure out what works, in a relatively new field. I would thoroughly recommend ICT.

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