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Time seems of the essence
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Summer time and it's all about endings...
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April 2013

Time seems of the essence

As Easter is behind us and the summer(??)beckons it can seem that time is something we don't have enough of at ICT.
Students see in the not too distant future, their courses ending (or at least one year ending) which can only mean one thing - course work completed, portfolios organised, presentations prepared.........and a sense that it can feel 'too much' -
So as not to take up too much time asking you to read lots on the Blog I will pose a question (which is as much to myself as to students) - what would it be like to have just the time you need, enough time?
This is a question I often ask myself when feeling rushed and stressed with lots of  assessing to do etc - this question often grounds me and allows me to have a sense that all will be well - I have enough time......
I hope it works for you if you are feeling pressured by course work and life in general...