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Summer time and it's all about endings...
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May 2012

Summer time and it's all about endings...

Thanks to Clive, Cathy and Jackie for your comments about your counselling training journey so is great to be part of your journey

There is also some great news that is tinged with sadness; some of our students are preparing to 'fly solo' as they complete their Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling in the next few weeks. Flying solo as a counsellor is a time of great excitement and also great anxiety - can I make it on my own? Do I have the support around me to ensure I can support my clients - will I have any clients? And yet at the same time the excitement of having travelled so far and knowing 'we've made it'!!! (yes you have...)

This group of students joined ICT when ICT was just opening its doors in Bedford for the first time and so It has been a real privilege for me to work with them as they have given their all to the course and embraced wholeheartedly the challenges that counselling training brings - I wish them all the very best for the future.